Public Warehousing

Affordable and flexible warehousing solutions

Public warehousing is one of Commonwealth’s core services. A public warehouse is a shared facility where we store product for multiple clients. We can bulk stack product or store it in a pallet rack system for maximum space efficiency. We provide clients with a variable rate structure custom tailored to their business. We typically calculate storage by the pallet position or by square foot. Larger storage volumes and higher inventory turn velocity qualify clients for deep discounts on storage rates.

No Term Commitment Necessary

Our service agreement simply states we will provide services at the following rates – no term commitment necessary. This flexibility works great for clients entering new markets, who have a temporary need, or who are outsourcing their logistics for the first time.

The main benefit of using a public warehouse is you only pay for the warehouse space you occupy and the services you use. The public warehousing variable rate allows for easy expansion or contraction should your needs change over time. We also operate a common labor pool allowing us to staff up or down on short notice to cover the needs of our clients. A multi-tenant facility allows Commonwealth to spread the cost of utilities, material handling equipment, pest control, security, propane, etc across amongst our large client base thus reducing cost to the individual customer.

Pay Only for the Space You Use

This is a major cost savings opportunity compared to leasing your own facility, staffing it with full-time employees, obtaining equipment, and running the operation yourself. The savings are especially relevant to seasonal businesses where the flexibility to expand or shrink on short notice becomes even more valuable. If your current warehouse isn’t being utilized fully it is time to explore a public warehousing solution.

Savings Through Efficiency in Logistics

There are significant cost savings to be achieved through efficiency in logistics. Most companies are not experts in logistics and hence never realize these savings. Commonwealth works with clients of all sizes from Fortune 500 giants to small & medium-sized companies. We can help your company reduce overhead expenses, speed up your distribution, reduce errors, and ultimately maximize profits.