Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Consumer Packaged Goods Experts

Commonwealth has extensive experience storing and handling a wide variety of consumer packaged goods (CPG). We understand the variable nature of CPG companies and the unique challenges they face. We offer our CPG clients technology and labor solutions to meet their fast-paced and fluctuating needs. Choosing to partner with experienced logistics professionals like Commonwealth increases efficiency and helps reduce cost. We are proud to do business with several of the largest CPG companies in the world.

Our CPG Experience

We have experience warehousing a wide variety of CPG products including:

·        Toilet & Tissue Paper

·        Paper Towels

·        Feminine Care Products

·        Shampoos & Conditioners

·        Adult & Infant Diapers

·        Bar & Liquid Soaps

·        Hair colorants

·        Skin Care Products

·        Toothpaste & Mouthwash


Food Grade Storage

All of our warehouses are registered with the FDA and provide a food-grade storage environment. We maintain high sanitation protocols in adherence with FDA, GMP, ASI, and US Military standards. Our quality team has implemented a detailed HAACP program to manage potential hazards and control points for all food grade products. Our buildings are also monitored for pest and rodent activity by Orkin, the nation’s top pest control system provider. All Commonwealth team members receive annual training on the proper way to safely store and handle food-grade products.


Manage Season Inventory Fluctuation

We offer labor pool and warehouse space flexibility to manage the seasonal peaks and valleys of CPG client volumes. We can ramp up to meet your short-term needs and scale back to account for slower periods. We adjust this on a monthly basis and peg our charges to your exact throughput. CPG customers only pay for the service level they require. Our sales team develops a volume-based pricing program to rewards clients who have higher inventory turn with deeply discounted storage rates.

Big Box Compliance

Our staff knows how to ship to major “big box” retailers such as Wal-Mart, Costco, and Sam’s. Each major retailer has a routing compliance guide detailing how they must receive freight. Failure to comply with the guide results in costly charge-backs or worse – refusal of freight. Commonwealth has the experience and systems necessary to successfully ship goods to major retailers and avoid charge-backs.

EDI and Inventory Tracking

Our 3PLink WMS does a great job ensuring routing guide compliance. In addition to EDI communication with major retailers it also tracks the following:

  • Sell by Dates
  • Serial Numbers
  • Lot Codes
  • Batch Codes
  • RMA Numbers
  • Country of Origin

Many of our CPG clients couple our warehousing services with value-added services to comply with customer-specific requirements. Every client is different so please contact us to discuss your individual needs.